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L'association des professionnels de l'information
et de la documentation

ADBS, the professional association for librarians and information professionals in France

ADBS (Association des professionnels de l'information et de la documentation) is the professional association for specialized librarians and information professionals in France.

Established in 1963 as « Association des bibliothécaires et documentalistes spécialisés », ADBS adopted the new name of « Association des professionnels de l'information et de la documentation » in 1993, in recognition of the broadening scope of the profession.

The association aims at promotion of the profession in its many forms, improvement of the professionalism of its members and lobby for the interest of the profession.

ADBS publishes a quarterly journal, who change its name in 2014 from  Documentaliste-Sciences de l'information to I2D (Information, Données & Documents) and monthly newsletters, L'Oeil de l'ADBS for its members.

Employment and employability are core business for ADBS. Association activities include workshops and seminars, professional education, job vacancies and a wide range of services concerning employment. ADBS also produces market studies on information market, and regularly updates skills framework.

Membership of ADBS is opened to individuals and organisations alike. With 2500 members ADBS is a leading information professionals association in Europe. The association has a CEO (employee of the association), currently Karine Cuney, and an elected president (mandate of 3 years), currently Nathalie Berriau.

ADBS is organised by geographical areas, topical sectors, and special interest groups.

International advocacy and lobbying on behalf of the profession is largely channelled through umbrella organisations such as the European Bureau of Library, Information and Documentation Associations (EBLIDA), the International Federation of Library Associations (IFLA) and the Special Library Association (SLA).

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